Friday, January 13, 2012

"Mom, I want to be 10:30."

"Well, if it was 10:30 you would be in bed asleep."

"NO, MOM.  I want to be 10:30!"

 "... years old?"

"Yes.  *sigh*"

"Honey, 10:30 is a time, not an age.  It can be 10:30 at night or 10:30 in the morning.  You can be 10 years old.  But you can't be 10:30 years old."

"YES, I CAN!  I can so be 10:30 years old, Mom.  And I want to be 10:30 years old right now!"

"Okay, I give up.  *POOF*  You're 10:30."

"YESSSSSS!  I've always wanted to be 10:30!"

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  1. Love the wisdom of children! Thanks for sharing Fin with us!