Sunday, January 1, 2012

September 29, 20011

A Birthday Letter To My Daughter:

As I lay in your bed tonight watching you drift off to sleep, I could not believe I was saying goodnight for the last time to my only three year old child.  In the morning you will be a whole year older.  Four has come so fast - I feel like I took my eyes off of you for only a second and an entire year went by.  I vow to do everything I can to slow this year down, to take in every single second of your four year old self.

You made so many changes this year.  In looks alone you have lost that obvious baby roundness; you are longer and leaner which makes you look older than I'd like.  But from certain angles, in sleepy expressions, when you are hurt or sick, when you are giggling without control I still see my baby in your face and I cherish those moments with everything I have. 

Oh dear girl, you are whip smart.  I love watching your face as your mind works something over and the light in your eyes when you know exactly what it is you want to say.  But those times when your voiced opinion takes me by such surprise delights me just as much.  You make me laugh like no other person on this earth; I can hardly wait to hear what you'll say next.  And there is nothing more hysterical than watching you crack yourself up.

It is amazing to watch you become your own person. You've been doing that little by little all along, of course, but it shows more and more every day.    You are full of joy and unfathomable amounts of love and kindness, brilliant hope and expectation... and you bring all of those things out in me.  You are - hands down - the coolest person I know.  You are YOU and you are unbelievable.

Happy fourth birthday, Finley Kate.  I love you impossible.

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