Monday, August 6, 2012

10 Random Finisms

Fin's default reaction to being infuriated is to blow raspberries.

The first movie to make her really cry: Charlotte's Web. She sobbed when she figured out Charlotte was dying and her babies would be left without her. (I didn't mention that my slight arachnophobia would have solved that drama with one foot stomp.)

She quite often remarks that a random African American male 'looks like Daddy'. Her dad is Asian.

Broccoli makes her vomit. Literally.

Speaking of vegetables, she has a baby doll named Spinach.

Her exclamation choice of late: "Oh, good grief!"

She refers to the white mark a superficial scratch leaves on skin as 'white pain'.

All bath time washcloths are referred to as Ponyo.

A scolding sometimes results in her hanging her head and sighing dramatically, "I guess I'm not a good kid in this town after all."

She is a rock thief. She steals smooth river stones from restaurant landscaping, other people's houses, etc. (Don't tell her father.) She brings them home and washes them in the bathroom sink like a raccoon. She calls this her Collection of Nature.

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