Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fin was asking me about growing older.  She seemed quite upset at the thought of me getting - looking, rather - old.  I don't exactly relish the thought, myself. 

I explained to her that we all grow older over a long period of time and that she would be all grown up herself by the time I am "old". 

"But then you would be my granny!!"

"Um, no. I will always be your mother.  But if you have children I will be their grandmother."

"Then you will be their granny!"

"Well, yes.  Except I don't exactly like the idea of being called 'granny'."

She thought this was hilarious.  Discussion followed about what her kids might call me as their grandmother. Many suggestions were thrown around, including Bambi, Crabby (shut up), and Sea Urchin.

Then her eyes lit up.  "How 'bout they call you Rock Star??"

I think I can live with that.

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