Sunday, February 12, 2012

Many times when Fin blurts out something totally off the wall, I can usually figure out where she came up with it by asking, "Who says that?!"  Lots of times it's either from a tv show or movie.  Sometimes she's picked it up from another kid.  And sometimes...  well, sometimes it's just her

Rewind to her shower the other night.  The water was a bit too cold and as it warmed up she threw her head back and said, 

"Oooooh yeeeeah."

A frown may have crossed my face, but I didn't think much about it until she said it again.  Multiple times in a row.  With increasing intensity.  

"Ooooh yeeeah.  Oooooh yeeeeeeeeeeah!  OOOOOH YEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!"

"FINLEY KATE!  Why are you saying that?!"

"Cause the warm water feels good."  Tone = duh.

"Well, it's kind of rude... and... er... inappropriate."

"Why?"  [Insert wide-eyed innocent look here.]

"...  Well...  I don't...  because.  Because it is.  Because I said so.  Just... don't.  Who says that?  Did you hear it on tv?" This is me, stammering like an idiot and thinking to myself, 'Dear God, what has she been watching?!'

"No, Momma.  No one says it.  Just me.La dee da.  No big deal.

Now at this point I feel the need to state that I monitor closely what my kid watches on tv.  Multiple children's shows deemed appropriate by others - no judgement! - have been banned at our house (I'm talking to you, Spongebob). 

And, no offense to the mister, but she definitely has not overheard it elsewhere in our house.  *ahem*

So far I have yet to break her of this particular expletive.  Apparently warm air from the blow dryer warrants an "Oooh YEEEAH!"  As does fresh pj's, snuggling down in her bed under the covers and kicking off her shoes after a long day.

Oh the joys of having a dramatic child?

Yeah, I'm going with that.

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