Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who, indeed?

I'm guessing Fin's daycare has dance or music time at some point during the day.  Awesome way to burn off some of that 4 year old energy.  She randomly bursts into songs she's learned at daycare all the time.  Sometimes she teaches me one I've never heard.  Sometimes they're old classics I grew up on.  

The other day I overheard her singing to herself in the other room:

"Who let the dogs out?!  HOOEY!  HHHHOOEY HHHHOOEY!"

Hooey?  Wha? 

"Fin, what's that song you're singing?  Come in here and sing it for me."

Crazy hopping and dancing commences.

"Who let the dogs out?!  HOOEY!  HHHHOOEY HHHHOOEY!"

Hooey.  Huh.  Not quiet how I remember it.

We all recall how annoyingly catchy this song was when it first came out.  It is once again playing on a loop in my brain except now I can't stop singing 'Hooey!  Hhhhooey hhhhooey!"

Aaaaaand, now it's stuck in yours.  You're welcome.  HOOEY!

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